CEO Message

In an era of unprecedented growth of knowledge and infinite flux in organizational matrix, it is a formidable challenge to identify the right talent for a given Job. For the reason of irrational approaches and outdated examination methodology, it is common observation that often the most suitable and deserving candidate fails to enlist for the right job or a degree program. Due to ever increasing unemployment pressure and absence of meaningful career counseling, HRD and HRM both in private and public sector, the problem becomes hydra headed. In such a scenario, both society and state become the ultimate sufferer. Cognizance of this ailment of system is the prime driving force behind establishment of National Educational Testing Service (NETS). NETS is determined to bridge gaps between the right aspirants and the right employers. Innovation, well equipped human resource and commitment to cause shall remain our primary tools in achieving this goal. Integrity, transparency and honesty being natural ingredients of any enduring mission needs no further emphasis.